Tuesday, October 9, 2007

RPG Post apocalyptic game

I have started to Yet again go over a game I have been working for a Long time. Think several years. The basic concept has changed somewhat and possibly should be called New Age rather the post-apocalyptic due to moving timeline 150yrs beyond original timeline (the world is still fucked, mostly).
I started working this out in my head and several notepads, then moved onto Treepad (very handy) and now TiddlyWiki, which is also very handy though the source of my current headaches. My Treepad file was a MB+ in size and I felt was clunky. Now TiddlyWiki starts as 265Kb from a "empty file" and now is near the MB of the original file without having half the data transferred to it so is slow to start and autosave. Got IncludePlugin which is basically a plugin that allow you to create a TiddlyWiki and include other TiddlyWiki's in it so each TiddlyWiki don't get too big. Problem is entries can only be edited in original TiddlyWiki and you cannot have a Included TW inside a Included TW which I am finding annoying. I don't know how to edit the plugin so cant change it. I would if I could.
Basics: World is Fucked (think terrorists, natural disasters and general bad stuff).
3 main nations (Imperial Nation, N.A.U. and Republic of Texas)
3 main cities at present (Settlement, Eggsville, Dallas)
4 minor outposts/towns, (Outpost 7 "Gryphon", Outpost 25 Outpost 29)
Dead cities (New Orleans City)
Power groups (Imperial Nation, N.A.U. , Republic of Texas, The Brethren, ELF, , Cult of the Machine, The Traitors(multiply groups)...)
3 races and possible more (Pureblood humans, Enhanced humans and trolls)

System is mostly D20 based
TiddlyWiki blank file for you to play with Right click and save works best in IE.
Working with TGE or TGEA engine at present TGEA is more stable but complex. TGE refuses to work at all.