Sunday, October 4, 2009

Anvil for Fallout 3

Anvil in Fo3

Anvil for Fallout 3

A ingame shot showing the anvil part of a Anvil vise combination based on a 1877 design I came across. Currently the Texture, which is the workbench texture appears to be an ok choice for this.

In this test the collision is too fine being the model data itself rather than a seperate low poly. So it judders a bit, need to increase the mass a fair chunk so it dont move when shot. Then I will add the rest of the model and upload to the nexus.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fallot 3 post - Gun Rests

GunRest_1 Render GunRest_1 RenderFO3 mockup

The first gun-rest I made for the Fallout 3 game. As you can see I ditched the right Leg and moved the Workbench Vise and Clamp a bit to get more space I also kept the wooden top on top of the Steel one as looks better.


Another gun rest based on a clamping action with wood construction.

Fallout 3 Post- Workshop Clutter

Fallout 3 Post- Clutter Items

Anvil and vice 1877 render Instrument box_1 Render

Combination Vise Anvil & Instrument box panel

Fallout 3 Post- Clutter Items

General Clutter Items
Render of Spinning Wheel Duckpull Toy Render
Spinning Wheel & Duck Pulltoy

Seat Render Pipe Welding Machine 1877 render
Bench Type Chair & Hand Cranked Pipe Welder Machine