Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting My Own stuff

To hell with FOOK Mod. I am starting to get into moding properly myself, nuke machine guns are cool but boring at the same time. I have started to poke around with Blender 2.48a, Nifskope and Gimp. Only using Gimp as paintsho pro is refusing to work with dds files despite the plugin working fine for ages. At least dds conversion is fast. Blender! what a pain to install. I had python 2.61 and had to downgrade to python 2.54 just to get it to work.

I have got a Birdseye Fish Finger box to load in GECK correctly with collision data.

Test Mod item with collision works!

Yes its a box, buts it a box that works! and at least a start to understanding the collision data myself so I can get some better items in the game.

Why am I messing around with the crippled engine of Fallout 3 with its limited modability. Because its one of the few games I like and can mod by messing with its files. Bethesda Softworks might not be mod friendly~(what else can you call our reliance on third part nif exporters) But at least we can try to mod it more than say GTA4 where they don't like mods in case they offend the moralist puritanical nutcases.

Really wish who ever is working on the Nif exporters collision data can get it to work. Stop all this copy and paste malarkey.