Monday, July 30, 2012

MTV Wood Syringe

MTV Wood Syringe_WIP1

Dr. Kurill's wood Syrings with copper pipe tip he uses to extract millisaur tail venom. It is a refined version of a cruder pipe he used to obtain the venom. Made by hand on the pole lathe in camp.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

M.T.V. Millisaur Tail Venom Drug

MTV is a potent hallucinogenic mixture obtained from the tails venom sacks of the millisaur. The mixture is created by soaking in ethanol for a week or so and kept in the dark. the mixture is kept excluded from the air as when it dries in presence of moisture it starts to stink powerfully. It can be made to a non smelling form by force drying where it loses some potency. In use it is dried to a sheet as powder or smelly smear and smoked. As tobacco is so hard to obtain native plant have been used for this role. Excessive M.T.V. usage usually leaves the user with an unkempt appearance and bad body odor. This makes them unpopular to be around, this aside from the Hallucinations that they keep seeing. Nonetheless the drug is popular for recreational use due to its lack of physical and intellectual damage.