Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bit of updating

Have not posted here in a while too distracted with everyone Else's work.

FOOK the mod I thought had some interest is one I am now a member off. At times it seems I am the only Modeller on the team . The main weapon modeller having bugged off as "we were ignoring him", not out fault he cant UV and export as nifs his own works. The FOOK was practically dead at that time any way with servers hopping and crashing. I nearly left myself.

Might actually have done some more of my own work if I had.

Main point of note is Main computer is down and the newsettlement files down with it. Being trying to recover files and recreate stuff in head again but have lost 90% of files and general idea of what the hell I was up to. Have now got it into my head to use the outdated gamebyro engine spin off that bethsotf use to create the look for some items. The engine is crap know given my constant fighting it to do basic things, the current one being displaying 2 alpha maps in one nif file, which is currently impossible it seems. Fallout 4 and TES 5 are being done on the Gamebyro engine I can only hope they have decided to use the latest version and not the antique in house version I am hoping it can display double layer alpha even if character havok is still impossible. What I mean by that is chain weapons, You can spend hours bashing constraints into chain weapon that look great and as soon as you touch it ingame its made of immovable force, rather than moving when you swing as it should. Yet another game limitation we have to put up with.

Will start showing more items I have made in time when I can get the rough look feel of the item/location right for new settltment.