Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Emperor

"The Emperor" Wortan Thor
Race: Human, Enhanced
Age: 100+ (max age 350)
Sex: Male
Class: Soldier (20th level)
Occupation: Leader (Emperor of Man)
Motivation: Protection of human race and extermination of mutant scum
Height: 10 ft (120")
Weight: 1050lb (75 st) (equivlent to 15 stone @ 6ft)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
The Emperor of Man. (Leader of Enhanced Human)
The Dark Lord. (True Leader of the Traitor legions)
The Feaster of Souls. (Honorary Cannibal leader)
The Great Destroyer. (High kill count)
Blood Lord. (Blood Clan, Vampire Cult)
Master of Pain. (Honorary Cult of Pain leader)
1 x Desert Eagle, .50AE autoloader. TU 9 (Modified to suit size, Large Mag, 11 Rounds)
11 x .50AE rounds TU 22
1 x Scope, Electro-optical TU 6
213 TU left to use

Owns in total :
1 x Desert Eagle, .50AE autoloader. TU 9 (Modified to suit size, Large Mag, 11 Rounds)
11 x .50AE rounds TU 22
1 x Scope, Electro-optical TU 6
1x Chevrolet Suburban (SUV) with Total TU = 160
20 x gallons fuel (-100lb cargo if carried) TU 10
Extra Fuel Tank, 20 gallons Ethanol (-100 lb cargo) TU 4
Ethanol Conversion, Switchable (-20 lb cargo) TU 6
Vehicle Armour, Body (-150 lb cargo) TU 4
Vehicle Armour, Wheels (-40 lb cargo) TU 2
Vehicle Armour, Windows (-60 lb cargo) TU 2
Weapon Mount (-20 lb cargo) TU 4 holding HK MP51 (9mm submachine gun) (-7 b cargo) on mount TU 13
30 x rounds 9mm ammo (-0.5 cargoTU 30
Other: 12 x Chickens (average 11 Very large eggs a day)

Notes: Enhanced Human & Strong Psychic
  • Married to "Melonie ".

  • Eats 6,000 calories a day.

  • Has several scars all over body.

  • Likes Vodka and Beer, not so fond of Wine.

  • Loves sweet and sour curries.

  • Misses Television and the Internet.

  • Big porn collection (big breast fetish porn, worth a fortune. if the values for ancient books is to be believed.).

  • Seeks life extending formula/geno-virus for Melonie so she can live longer (150 yrs+)
  • Emperors House

    Emperors House (Mansion)
    This is where the Emperor Wortan Thor and his wife live. The bulk of this house was constructed by the Emperor himself and is a large secure building. He had a second story installed a few years ago to make more room. It has a large cellar area which is divided into several sections. He owns a mansion size building but with basic style of living, he is not indulgent and does not fill the house with obvious luxuries designed to impress. He has however acquired "luxuries" as prizes from raids and buying outright, they are not used to impress anyone but for basic living. He just lives at a higher standard than most.The Emperor is Large size so he is one and a half time as big as everyone else so everything has to be scaled up. In his size terms this house is Grand level but Mansion sized, as sections are one and half times larger to suit him.
    While the Emperors house may seem to be rather fancy and loaded with luxuries, that's because he is over 100yrs old and has accumulated a lot of wealth and has used the right of "Prize" a lot. He eats a lot so food costs are higher than the norm.
    The android "Chloe" is a sexbot who also does housework; she is the property of Melonie, who treats her as one of the family. Chloe has a high SI score and you can hold a resonable level of conversation wih her. She is Pre-fall originally but has worked for Melonie for 12 years.


    RPG set in the future with the world nice and screwed over. Blame the moralists, the terrorists, the enviromentals, global warming, oil prices , globalisation just blame what you want. Supposed to about 200-250 years after the main population wiping bio plagues hit the globe.

    Most of the background story is not written down yet. It exists however in my head more or less complete to a degree.

    Main groups:
    Imperial Nation (formerly the Imperial Empire)
    NAU (formerly the North American Union)
    The Brethren
    The Merchant Cartel

    Some Locations:
    Outpost 29