Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Fallout Mod - FOOK

I have found the F.O.O.K Fallout 3 mod Interesting in some aspects anyway others its a complete screwup usually in installation and odd weapon looks wrong. I do like the look of the NPC it mess's with and most weapons in general look very nice. It has got me going at my own weapons again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Imperial Nation Stats

Name: "Settlement" Imperial Nation (also called Imperial Empire)
Population: 2,454 (260+Enhanced Human) 1,636 adults 818 children
Races: Human, Enhanced Human
Sub-types: Normal & Enhanced (No Mutants)
Society: Lawful/Totalitarian (Is totalitarian but becoming lawful)
Leader: The Emperor
Import: Food,
Wood, 10 tonne a person building house
Coal, for heating and The Forge
Import, Main: Food (800 tonnes) a year (47 tonnes to prisoners alone)
Export: Tech, Weapons, Protection
Export, Main:
Locations: Air Hangers
Bomb Factory
Butcher Arthur Miller
Court, The
Emperors House
Forge Thomas
Garden, Flower
Garden, Food
Garden, Food Allotments Everyone
Green House
Hospital Doctor, Joseph Tine
Mill George Gilles
Police Station
Post Office Oliver Stone
Power Station
Printworks Harold Schwartz
School Theodor Fontane
Sewers, The
Strip Club
Town Hall
Woodworks Carpenter, Sheila Scott

Traders: Nasar Marc,
Sheila Turner,
Thomas Whitney,
Jaz ar Tar
Uses: Food 799.73406 tonnes a year
Water 7,997.3406 tonnes a year
Fireblocks 4,797.57 tonnes a year)
A Class System is in use here.

5% or 1 in 20 items go's to town council as taxes. As council does help build new houses and equip them. They also provide health service and town protection.
No dogs allowed as considered dangers to all. Only used for food. This comes from dog pack attacks in the past.

There is a town crier who twice a day announces anything important as decreed by the council as well as what is for sale and what is looked for. A small fee is charged to outsiders to announce anything they want, locals usually owe him something all recorded in the book of favours.