Friday, May 25, 2012

Frying Eggs for Skyrim

EggShell Cracked Frying Pan WIP4
Eggshell Cracked_WIP
A set Piece. Cracked Egg shell in use with new frying pan model, with less than stellar textures. Also the Raw Egg model is in use and it seems ok.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Skyrim Eggs

Egg02 and Egg01_New and Old
Egg02_2.38t inch size
Egg02 and Egg01_New and Old_Sizing
New egg models and textures for Skyrim Food Clutter Mod.

Another retexture for chicken eggs.
I resized them as vanilla are about 7 1/2" long, these are 2 3/8th" in length. About same as VL eggs in real life, which I think is small enough.
Also incoming is fried eggs and some food set pieces, now back to The Sign.

Friday, May 11, 2012

McMammoth Burgers pregibber: I am very stressed

Title: McMammoth Burgers
fuck it its called McMammoth Burgers, as my head can't stand blogger antics.

McMammoth Sign_WIP_2

Basic Blender WIP of Sign constructed from tusks.
Length is about 35Ft 6" and about 3.5ft tall

No fucking indent function in blogger, fuck the internet thicko who decided that was a good idea.

Mod Planned - Troll Blood Farm

Troll Blood Farm
probably use the spelling "Troll Blood Pharm" since its for medical purposes.

Whiterun would be good but other mods really screw it up.
Riften has a Temple of Mara which could be tied to it via healing aspect.
Talmor Embassy: of course since the Talmor Embassy is cleared I could stick it in there.

Troll Computing

Troll Computer: A mental computer using a troll brain as is main thinking part. The latest in thinking and tabulating technology. Slightly unpopular with existing mental computers who belive them to be a threat to their jobs.
C.B.U. : Central Brain Unit, The main troll brain part required for a Troll Computer.
G.B.U. : Graphics Brain Unit, A Giants brain as they are better at painted things.
Troll Heart: Coolant Pump, the standard liquid cooling model.
Daedra Heart: Coolant Pump, the superior model. Some debate on legality for civilian use.
Human Heart: Coolant Pump, the highly illegal model. Some Necromancers use these, not recommended for it to be broadcast.
Frost Salts: Required for cooling.
Ice Wraith Teeth: Coolant

I.B.M.: Imperial Business Machinery, Started making abacus and slide calculators

Superconductive Thought: Description of what happen in troll brain computer cooled via Trost Salts.
ST computers are rare and expensive.

Computer Names:
Quartet: The Bards College computer, has been turned into a glorified music player by the students.
Pentagram: Military computer, used to predict dardra attacks and the odd human one.
Hex: The The College of Winterhold Computer, primary purpose spells, combinations and uses therof.

Others include:
Trinity: unstable computer that started to belive it was a god. or perhaps was possesed by one.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

McMammoth Burger and Rashers

Rashers Ingame
McMammoth Burger and Rashers.
Part of the Skyrim Food Clutter mod.

Might make the rashers bigger I think, to fit with the oversize everything in this game.