Saturday, September 15, 2007

Emperors House

Emperors House (Mansion)
This is where the Emperor Wortan Thor and his wife live. The bulk of this house was constructed by the Emperor himself and is a large secure building. He had a second story installed a few years ago to make more room. It has a large cellar area which is divided into several sections. He owns a mansion size building but with basic style of living, he is not indulgent and does not fill the house with obvious luxuries designed to impress. He has however acquired "luxuries" as prizes from raids and buying outright, they are not used to impress anyone but for basic living. He just lives at a higher standard than most.The Emperor is Large size so he is one and a half time as big as everyone else so everything has to be scaled up. In his size terms this house is Grand level but Mansion sized, as sections are one and half times larger to suit him.
While the Emperors house may seem to be rather fancy and loaded with luxuries, that's because he is over 100yrs old and has accumulated a lot of wealth and has used the right of "Prize" a lot. He eats a lot so food costs are higher than the norm.
The android "Chloe" is a sexbot who also does housework; she is the property of Melonie, who treats her as one of the family. Chloe has a high SI score and you can hold a resonable level of conversation wih her. She is Pre-fall originally but has worked for Melonie for 12 years.

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