Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zombie Research Labs

Zombie Research Labs
These exist within several cities and their purpose is to study, control and cure those infected with the "zombie" virus. The are usually hidden from view either in a old bunker complex or one created from scratch. Access is restricted to those who belong, with those that don't being for the most part helped along to a refugee camp or other settlement.

Armed security and research teams exist in each one with the two rolls being frequently combined as the manpower for true dedicated research teams being lacking. All actually have a Zombie Research Lab where varying studies of the zombie virus and its effects are studied. These can range from simple how to kill a zombie to using zombies for reproductive studies.

Equipment, weapons and armour while usually advanced range from scavenged to dedicated with the labs name stamped upon it. All labs are assumed to be a least one step higher in skill or technology to make up for the numeral superiority of their opponent.

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