Thursday, June 3, 2010

Experiments in Constraints

Have been at Constraints which allow me to have much better havok physics in my models for the Fallout 3 game. I started with Ripping the Chain from brahmincorpsetrap1.nif and this worked very nicely as a floppy chain, which was what I was after. I had the idea of making it a weapon as chain weapon would be very nice to have. No Go, chain is hard as rock and while I had nice reach I had no physics in it, no flop. Did a bit of research and found there is a reason there are no chain weapons. When equipped the weapon becomes part of the skeleton and loses all havoc, so it will look great on the ground but total crap when you hold it. I then went to go at constraints for another reason, to add some ragdoll effects to dismembered Supermutant parts I am at. This is also a no go as they explode all over the place. Goreintestines also explodes all over the place no bethsoft also had problems doing this.
I then went and got 2 mesh's and Collisions. The collisions parented to the mesh's and the collision having a constraint added to it and that poining to the other collision object. Set it for the 90 movement and think I am great. No go, mess in nifskope to get them to link and it falls apart. I got at it yet again and this time the two mesh objects explode out and refuse to come closer then the combined collision distance between them.
Got Right sick of it as its holding up my models and stuff I'm supposed to make for a certain well known modder. Yet more research ensued and I have come to the annoying conclusion that the version of my exporter script is not up to the job. In short I cant do it as no way to export what I want rather than the crap that blender exports. Not sure If changing the script will do anything as that means changing blender to the Wide screen user version and I Fucking Hate wide screens, Short fuckers is what they should be called. 27" Wides screens cost an fortune and I need the to get the vertical height I am used to with the 4:3 real screen I have currently.
Not very happy.

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