Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving to Unity3d Engine

Moving my ideas to the Unity 3d engine as that is what i am currently working with.
It seems to be fairly annoying to work with due to the amount of coding to do even basic stuff. Coding I am bad and low skilled at.

Still have ideas to crate a basic overview of the dammed village and all its housing inside of Unity. Seems I am doing too much housing work at the moment. I much prefer making the small things that bring the place to life. Still It needs to be done, though using prefabs might be the way to go for now.
Right pain in the arse when you have to teach yourself everything from scratch. More annoying when the ones who can afford the degrees look down on you.

Dammit I'm making a troll farm. Regenex is going to be done in whatever way I can hammer the damm thing out.

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