Friday, May 11, 2012

Troll Computing

Troll Computer: A mental computer using a troll brain as is main thinking part. The latest in thinking and tabulating technology. Slightly unpopular with existing mental computers who belive them to be a threat to their jobs.
C.B.U. : Central Brain Unit, The main troll brain part required for a Troll Computer.
G.B.U. : Graphics Brain Unit, A Giants brain as they are better at painted things.
Troll Heart: Coolant Pump, the standard liquid cooling model.
Daedra Heart: Coolant Pump, the superior model. Some debate on legality for civilian use.
Human Heart: Coolant Pump, the highly illegal model. Some Necromancers use these, not recommended for it to be broadcast.
Frost Salts: Required for cooling.
Ice Wraith Teeth: Coolant

I.B.M.: Imperial Business Machinery, Started making abacus and slide calculators

Superconductive Thought: Description of what happen in troll brain computer cooled via Trost Salts.
ST computers are rare and expensive.

Computer Names:
Quartet: The Bards College computer, has been turned into a glorified music player by the students.
Pentagram: Military computer, used to predict dardra attacks and the odd human one.
Hex: The The College of Winterhold Computer, primary purpose spells, combinations and uses therof.

Others include:
Trinity: unstable computer that started to belive it was a god. or perhaps was possesed by one.

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